Valiant: The Echoes of Thunder…Lightning…The Gods of Rome…

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “O Holy Night” by Charlotte Church

Miracles…and many splendid things of nature…
Few notice these things…
The coming storm…The ground shakes…
Earthquakes…animals sense the turbulence
In the Earth before it comes…
Little children notice things the greatest
Scholars never see…Why?
Is innocence granted a greater sixth sense?
Are there common laws of nature we have
Yet to understand?

Why with all the miracles of science, medicine
And the most skilled people…do we have
Dogs on rescue units…to aid the disabled…
To work as service dogs with the law?
They’re just dogs…animal shelters are full…
Explain that with no guilt at all.

The world can end with the press
Of one button in one day.
But it can’t be saved in one day.
Miracles exist…They do not have to be obvious…

Bathed in golden white light stood a
Woman of gentle confidence and royal beauty…
With coral-like colored curly…

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