The Galactic Federation Warns the US Government ~ “The Event”

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~I started this during Christmas time, when I couldn’t keep up with the blogging.  I decided to go ahead and post it, since it will make you think about the possibility that we could be set free from the Controllers very soon.  ~ Rosalie

Mushaba Platinum Light

Nancy Tate: Bob and I received a very interesting message today from our dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba. As I was reading it I felt that there would be something to add to it that would come through me.

Here is the original message, and then the addition.

Anakhanda: 12-24-2015

I come to you at this time because I have a bit of news for you. This is the time when all of the chances that the present government of the USA is coming into tender. That is to say that it is being called by invitation to make a change, to present an…

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