The Transcendental Journey from Organized Religion to Christ Consciousness

Deus Nexus

Source:Waking Times | by Soren Dreier

Jesus-ChristIt is fair to state that the awakening of the soul, known as Jesus led him into creating the Field of the Christ by transcending the ego, both symbolically and in reality, by the powerful symbolism of the Cross. As I have written previously in this series, the Cross seen as the final vortex point of agony along this path which I refer to as The Via Dolorosa in general.

In our lives many crosses will appear before we get to the final one. That is why that realm isn’t exactly overcrowded, since we seem to avoid the Crosses (unpleasant, painful, doubts, self examination, a tormenting inner dialogue and such) and only go for the smooth cafe latte spirituality, which is a projected entity of the Ego, telling you that: all is blue and dandy and there’s no trouble ahead. Every soul…

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