More On Social Credit And A Letter By Dick Eastman

Real Currencies

(Left/Above: the erudite Dick Eastman)

Recently, Social Crediters have been campaigning against the notion that Usury is the core of our monetary problems. To them it’s the Gap, the difference between purchasing power of the consumer base and output of the productive sector.

However, the Gap is mostly caused by Usury and it’s becoming more and more difficult to understand why the Social Crediters are not willing to admit to this.

(Here’s my analysis of Social Credit for those new to the issue)

Here’s a recent effort by Oliver Heydorn for the Social Credit camp on the website.

Dick Eastman convincingly took him to task on the issue of Usury being the Gap. Dick communicates via his email list, so I can’t link to it, but email me if you want to get on Dick’s list to receive his top notch work.

And next he wrote me a friendly letter (see below this…

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