This is an image of Adam and Eve and the Serpent from the 15th century manuscript known as the Book of Hours.1

This image is particularly relevant to my research because the Serpent in this picture has feet, hands and a tail and looks more like a salamander than a serpent. Although the Nummo were referred to as “Serpents”, they were amphibians and my research reveals that they were identified with other amphibians in ancient cultures including frogs and salamanders, which appear in many of the Goddess artifacts of Old Europe. They were likewise associated with Sheela Na gig a figure, which has been found incorporated into old churches in medieval Ireland and England. According to Marija Gimbutas, Sheela Na gig was none other than the ancient frog or toad goddess, the birth giver and regeneratrix inherited from the Neolithic.2

Although the Nummo were hermaphrodites, they were…

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