April Psychic Energy Update~ Diane Canfield

  April Psychic Energy Update By Diane Canfield Beautiful Light Beings, March energy downloads have been overwhelming to many and April brings no relief from the constant barrage of energy flooding the planet and us light beings, transforming each day into light body beings. Some of the intense energy we have been dealing with: Intense dreams Anger Sleep issue, too little or too much Increased ringing in ears Language issues/Memory issues No sense of body Headaches Intense body heat Vibrations on body Anxiety Intense thirst Appetite changes Many of these issues are hormonal changes through the endocrine system. To transform into a light body being we must first transform our hormonal structure. This can cause a myriad of issues including intense body heat as our molecules heat up to transform. Remember we are dealing with intense energy surges, as they move through and transform our human body into the 5D light body needed to traverse the multidimensional realms. Many

Source: April Psychic Energy Update~ Diane Canfield


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