When the message comes in Loud and Clear the answer will be Loud and Proud for all to hear





Why are we here

Because we’re here

Muddy sticky planet

Light can’t travel

Polluted place

All of our info is across the veil

We are a tiny sliver here of our whole self

Once it lifts, then we are golden. We will know all
The veil is thinning. This is why you’ve seen the collective conscious and the stars. Because we are going across the veil to get it. The collective conscious is on the other side of the veil.

The collective conscious is ME. All of ME. Queen dragon carries ALL memories. This is the Collective Conscious. All of which is, was, and will be

I could not fix it until you took me there. I needed you to intertwine my DNA with to get there. Source said you would know what to do, and you did.

Only high dragons can alter space time fabric

That’s why…

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