Exposing the Planned Destruction of Humanity–Makia Freeman (via Zen Gardner)/The Daily Sheeple: 7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Update:While this article (below my note) was re-posted from The Daily Sheeple where it is noted as submitted by Zen Gardner, I think the author is Makia Freeman, as her post here on her blog The Freedom Articles suggests: 7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question. Apologies, and many thanks to Makia Freeman.

While millions of us are awakened now to the truth of what is going on in the world today, and can see with unblinkered eyes what exactly is happening, on so many fronts–thanks to the efforts of hundreds of researchers, scientists, writers, journalists in alternative media who have excavated documents, done research, challenged power, attended secretive conferences, and reported their findings–there are many among us who are still gaining their daily fodder from Bought Media printing the government party line, and asking: But how can you conclude there’s some massive secret agenda in action? Why…

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