3 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Found Guilty in Missing Children Case — Whistle Blowers Incarcerated, While She is Free | Humans Are Free

  1. The ITCCS and The ICLCJ was a very elaborate scam cooked up by scamster Kevin Annett who works as dis-info officer for the PTW;

    Why? So that we, the people automatically assume that there is a court case against the criminals such as HM and thus relax back into our armchairs thinking that it is taken care of;

    How can we say this? We have first-hand experience of his cons; In 2013 we were suckered into the ITCCS by Mel Ve: we made the mistake of assuming that she did her homework into K.A.; however, it was not long before a whole tribunal of people from Canada, U.S., Ireland and other places contacted us and informed us of the truth; K.A. is currently hiding behind the Republic of Kanata; as soon as he raises his head, we blow the whistle on him;

    Please do not take our word for it; do your own investigation: just type in ‘stopkevinannett’ into any search engine; in peace


      1. Tomaz, we know how you feel; unfortunately we have been conditioned into a retributive system of justice which we inherited from HM and Admiralty law of the sea;

        However, true justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution; we are going to have to apply principles of restorative justice in cases such as these; we must guard against, and avoid at all cost becoming the tyrants that we are fighting against;

        As you may or may not know, the Canadian government has come to a settlement agreement with some of the Native American tribes which absolves HM;

        90% of what we read is untrue; even in this case we would rather uplift the files ourselves as one cannot trust one word from K.A. on the 10 missing children even; we are not saying it did not happen, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with you, unless you are Native American and a family member of the missing children;

        We know, it sucks, but we need to be very careful about what world we truly wish to live in. in peace


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