BRANDON KEYS : the ”Kingdom of Ur” is in the ISLE OF LEWIS, SCOTLAND

The PTB have hidden and manipulated the history of the people of this planet. The question is, Why?





The ISLE OF LEWIS is the ”REAL LOCATION” of the ”SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION” known as ”SUMER” that is where you will find the ”Kingdom of Ur” is in the ISLE OF LEWIS, SCOTLAND. That is where the Real Kingdom of ”Sumer and the Sumerian Civilization” Exists at that Civilization was actually a Northwestern European ”Atlantic ie Arctic Civilization” in the Far-North”.

I am presenting a Far Different Picture of those Events and that Mesopotamia is actually in ”Southern Scotland” and Northern Scotland is where the Kingdom of Scythia is located. It says in the ”Irish Book of Invasions” that the ”Tuatha De Danann” came down from the ”North” as they arrived in Ireland it says that they came from the Land of Scythia of which is in the North of Scotland ”North of Ireland” itself. The Isle of Skye ie ”Scythia” ie (Skythia) ”North Central Scotland” is the Correct…

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