Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Narrow is the secret gate is DAATH, the home of the fires of AZOTH.


The Sephirot Daath which is located at our throats, is the true gateway to higher inner knowledge.  It is the location where the energy of Azoth is stored, which is why Daath is the secret or hidden Sephirot.  It is secret so it will not be misused.  But the real truth is that is’s not secret in the literal sense.  If you study Kabballah,  you will learn in the books about Daath.  However, as I always say, books will only take you so far.  You cant move into Daath with your energy body by just reading and discussing theories.  In fact, there is great speculation about they mystery of Daath, because few have actually moved through successfully with full memory of doing so.  Most just share opinions based on previous writings.  I feel this is about…

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