8th Fire Prophecy Connected to Infinity and the 13th Gate

Fire and Water has birthed a new daughter, and she rides a painted turtle.

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I came across a very old prophecy by accident.  I can’t even remember how it dropped in my lap.  I love it when the Universe works with us in schycronistic ways.  I have become the “Azoth girl,” as I have been writing about my knowledge and personal experiences with this energy for the past year. This ancient energy has increased in potency and even transformed into something bigger which is beyond Azoth.

8th fireSo, I guess since Universe knows this about me, it led me to this ancient prophesy confirming that we have indeed made it to a grand mark in the planetary Ascension path.  This prophecy is called, The Prophecy of the Seven Fires – in which an 8th fire will be lit at the end of times!  It not only involves Azoth, but it also speaks of the Turtle, which is representative of the Divine Feminine energy that has returned…

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